Hello people,

We are super excited to share the news that Solo Project was accepted into the 1st Annual South Bay Film Festival. The festival runs June 1 - 5 in Hermosa Beach, CA and we are proud to announce that Solo Project will have its WORLD PREMIERE in an amazing headlining spot on Saturday night, June, 4th at 9:45pm. Some of the filmmakers and cast will be in attendance and there is a planned Q and A with them following the screening.

more info here: southbayfest.com

This is just the beginning of our festival run, as we have yet to submit to many festivals at all. The film is just finished and we are super excited to submit to many more fests over the year. We will keep you posted for sure.

In other news, we have added the documentary film series Miwi La Lupa - Making: Ended up Making Love to the site. This project is near and dear to our hearts as Miwi is a longtime friend and wonderful songwriter. Go check out those six episodes for a glimpse into recording an album alongside some super talented and funny people, including Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes fame. Go buy the record HERE at Team Love records.

Finally, MUDDLE EARTH is coming SOON! We promise. We now have 7 episodes basically in the can with a few more to go and then we'll be shopping that puppy around like you wouldn't believe. The show is really turning out great. It is honestly the best thing we've ever done and we cannot wait for you all to see it. We are thinking that winter of this year is a reasonable time to get that done. Wilbo? We can make that happen, right?

Take care, Lost Pilot