Muddle Earth

Muddle Earth is a place that exists between fantasy and reality, where multiple states of mind can simultaneously exist in reality and in our imaginations. It is also the title of Lost Pilot's fantasy based documentary series. The series was shot on location in the North island of New Zealand and will be released in February 8th at

We follow Rendall Jack as he packs up his life and heads down to the capital city of Wellington to start his very own tour company. With the help of his friends and family, Rendall attempts to finally live out his dreams of sharing his own fantasy stories as he takes tourists around the many wondrous locations in the southern region of the north island.

In Muddle Earth the format and genre of fantasy and documentary is explored in new and interesting ways as the story unfolds. Each character has its own imaginative story and each of those stories gets intertwined with Rendall's along the course of the series, which will introduce us to the world of tour groups in New Zealand.